Top 5 benefits of exercise

Exercise is one of the greatest things you can give yourself. Its physical and mental effects are endless. Exercise had been shown to give countless benefits, we all know it. Very rarely have I seen or read anything that trashed exercise and highlighted negative aspects of it. Said benefits, should also be enough to motivate you to go and get some exercise as well. So lets take a moment to admire this wonderful activity and quickly look at the top 5 benefits of exercise:

1. Exercise helps your skin

Exercise is known to help boost oxygen levels. This boost in oxygen also means more blood circulation to push the oxygen through your body. This also means that vitamins and nutrients are delivered to your skin more helping to keep your skin healthy and clean. Another effect of the increased oxygen in your blood means collagen will help to keep your skin looking super nice after your work out.

2. Exercise relieves stress

Havent you ever felt all your worries go away once you start doing something you enjoy or become occupied, Exercise does the same thing! Its hard to stress over something during a morning workout listening to your favorite jams. Engaging an exercise relieves stress hormones and reduces muscle tension since you have to use them during your workout!

3. Exercise improves your weight

When you exercise, it burns all those unnecessary fats that your body doesnt need. This helps to help you maintain a normal weight. It also regulates your blood flow, improves your metabolism, and helps with blood sugar levels, all factors that play into weight problems. Exercise burns stored fats and with consistency can improve wight loss dramatically.

4. Exercise improves your muscles

Your muscles are basically generated by exercise. So it only makes since that you muse exercise more to improve them. Physical activity and increased blood flow stimulates muscles and helps them to expand and grow. By practicing regular exercise and drinking enough fluids, you will experience less cramps and aches as a result. Youll also find that using your muscles become easier and your actions more smooth.

5. Exercise improves your bones

Regular exercise is shown to keep your bones healthy and strong. By providing moderate resistance, such as jogging, swimming, lifting etc., your bones become stronger over time. This also means your bones are less likely to break and that your risk of injury drops drastically.

Honestly we could probably go on and on about the immediate and long term benefits of exercise, but we wouldnt want to take up to much of your gym time. The benefits of exercise are defiantly present and immediate and you wont regret it later. Just know you are doing your body a massive favor and that it will repay you tenfold for your efforts.